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Meet Pixelpost, a small photoblog application that's a no-brainer to set up and use. It's perfect for anyone wishing to regularly post their photos on the web like a blog.

Unlike other blog engines out there, Pixelpost doesn't try to solve all of the worlds problems. Pixelpost simply does photoblogs, and it does them well. If you are looking for a full blown CMS or text-blog, Pixelpost isn't for you. But if you want something simple, and designed from the ground up for photobloggers, like yourself, you've found the perfect app.

Oh, and did I mention that Pixelpost is free and open source to boot?

The Next Step

New to Pixelpost? No problem, installation is a breeze with our new install assistant. Check out the Guide to Installing.

A Pixelpost veteran? Still be sure to check out the Guide to Upgrading.

The Next Next Steps

We do our best to make Pixelpost as simple to use as possible but every now and then you may run into problems not covered in this documentation. Your first point of call should be the Documentation, you are reading it already. If you have more questions, please visit the FAQ Section. If you are still stuck after checking out the FAQ Section, then feel free to amble into the Pixelpost Forum and throw your problem at the experienced users there.

So, What's Changed?

A heck of a lot! So much so, that we've had to cram it all into a separate page. Check out the Changelog if you're interested in what we're up to. You can check all the new template tags, as well as the old ones, in The Tag List.

Where can I find the old Wiki?

Fear not! You can still access it here: http://wiki.pixelpost.org

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