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Pixelpost comes with the most important features already built in but there will always be the demand for extensions. These Pixelpost extensions we call Addons, they add enhanced features to the basic installation.
Pixelpost brings some basic Addons within its installation package. These we call the "Default Pixelpost Addons". Some of their functions have to be turned on separately in the Options menu.
A lot more "Third Party Addons" you will find in the Addons Section, published by our dedicated users.

On this page you see the currently installed Addons of your Pixelpost installation. They are sorted in alphabetical order, active Addons on top with green heading, switched off at the bottom in orange colour. If you see an Addon with a red heading, something is wrong with it. Most probably the read/write access failed.

Each Addon listed here shows you its basic information:
Addon Name (filename w/o extention - version) - status: ON/OFF
Active Addons provide you with a description, the new template TAGs it creates and eventually some settings.

After the standard installation all Default Pixelpost Addons are active. A standard upgrade installation will turn off all Third Party Addons by default.

Admin Sample 12CropImage

This Addon is provided as an example for showing the use of Admin Menus by an Addon. Since 12CropImage is already within the Pixelpost core code, there is no need to have it as an Addon too and you can turn it off.

Advanced stats

This is an old Addon which is only in place for backwards compatibility.
In the Addon information the total visitor number and the number of visitors of current month is shown.
If you press the button "Summarize records of the current month untill today into the stats table?" the content of the actual visitor table is summed up and moved into the stats table. You will loose your "Referers of the last 7 days".

Page-By-Page-Archive for category and month

In Pixelpost's default setting all your thumbnails are shown on one single page in the Archive page. As your portfolio is growing it may become useful to have a browse function here. Using the tags of this Addon gives you page numbers to browse the Archive.
Set the number of thumbnails shown on each page.

Ping service

Some community pages where your Photoblog is submitted can update your entry by being sent a "ping". They should provide you with an RPC service URL which you can enter here.
A ping will be sent to this URL each time you upload a photo.

Pixelpost Akismet comment filter

Akismet is a spam filter service provided by the people at http://akismet.com. To use this Addon you need a Wordpress API key which you can gather from Wordpress.com with a free registration.
With Akismet Addon ON each comment is checked against the Akismet spam database. Suspicious comments are flagged as spam but not deleted, you can see them in the Akismet submenu of the Comments page.
Akismet filter is learning from each wrong filter action so you should report misjudged comments to Akismet, telling if it is either spam or non-spam.

Pixelpost Defensio spam blocker

Defensio is a spam filtering web service that you can use instead of Akismet to protect your blog from comment spam. This addon is designed to give you the power of brand new Defensio to your Pixelpost photoblog.

  • Spam quarantine sorted by spaminess
  • Background color applied to spam comments to increase ease-of-identification
  • Very obvious spam can be hidden from view
  • Performance statistics provided to show how Defensio is doing on your blog

You have to obtain an API key for Defensio from the Defensio website and enter it into the Options/Spam Control page.
Attention: If you used the Akismet addon before and want to switch to Defensio, please disable Akismet as Defensio is not designed to work in conjunction with another spam filter.

Read the whole documentation at Defensio page!

Pixelpost Calendar

This Addon invents a TAG which shows a useful calendar on the image page. You have to turn it on and select the style in the Template Options page.

Pixelpost Copy Folder Contents

You can do a mass-upload of photos by using this addon.
Create a folder on your server where the new images will be and upload them there using your FTP program.
You can publish them in order of filename or use the EXIF date as publishing date (assumed the EXIF data is provided). Select one or more cateories for the images but be aware that all images of one upload process will go into the same category/ies.

Pixelpost Current DateTime

Another sample Addon which you can turn off.

Update EXIF

In former Pixelpost versions the EXIF functions read the image EXIF data directly from the image which was a quite slow procedure. The latest versions of Pixelpost save the EXIF information into the database during the image upload and the EXIF functions read the EXIF information from the database what is much faster.
If you have images uploaded with versions earlier then Pixelpost v1.6, there will be none of their EXIF information stored in the database. To update this, use the button "Update EXIF". To delete all EXIF information, use the button "Remove EXIF".
As soon as you are done with this you can turn this Addon OFF. TOP << GeneralInfo | AdminPanel | LogOut >>

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