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Pixelpost comes with one category created as default category. You can add as many categories as you like and you can allocate one photo to more than one category.
If you don't want to use several categories for categorizing or structuring your photos just don't assign a category when uploading your photos.
Tip: If you don't like categories at all you can easily hide the whole category thing from your visitors by removing the category specific tags. Pixelpost will always show "all" images per default, this is handled like an own category.

Add category

Just enter the name of the category to create and press the button "Add Category". If you use an alternative language for your blog, you can enter the translation for the category name below.
If you don't enter a language specific name, the category name of the default language is used.
The input field for the translation will only show up if you have set the use of an alternative language in the Options menu!

Edit category

Select the category to rename and press "Edit Category". An input field will show up where you can enter a new name for this category. All images belonging to it will of course now belong to the renamed category.
If you use an alternative language you will see two input fields, one for the default and one for the alternative language.
Tip: Allocation of images to a different or new category is done in the Images menu, never in the Category menu.

Delete Category

If you decide to remove a category permanently you can delete it here. This will not delete any photos in your blog! But don't forget to re-assign the photos of this category to another one, otherwise the photos will show up only in "all" category. TOP << Images | AdminPanel | Comments >>

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