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AdminPanel: Comments


The Comments page shows you all image comments you have received. There are three submenus (two if you are not using Akismet Spam Filter) to group the comments in a clear way.


Here you see a list of all published comments. These comments show up on your image page/comment window.

Awaiting Moderation

If you have set some or all comments "to moderation queue" this is the place where you see them.


If you are using Akismet, this submenu is shown. Here you find the comments flagged as spam by Akismet awaiting your approval.


Which buttons are shown depends on the submenu page you are on.

All submenus:

Comments submenu only:

Moderation Submenu only:

Comments and Moderation Subemnu:

Reported Comments will be moved to the Akismet queue and stored until they become deleted (manually or after the time you have set).

Akismet Subemnu only:

Image List

The comments list provides you with the complete information of each comment. You find Name, Email, Comment, Image name, Comment date and time and IP address.

Comments per page

At the end of this page you can change the number of comments per page. This information is stored in a browser cookie and is lost after closing the browser window.

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