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General Info

This entry shows you several information about your Pixelpost installation. It should be the first place to look around if something does not work as expected because the main settings are checked here.

Pixelpost Information

Here you find the version information of your actual running Pixelpost. A notice will be shown if your version is antiquated and should be updated.

If you ever run into some problems feel free to ask for help in the great Pixelpost community: http://forum.pixelpost.org/
Don't forget to post the content of this page when describing your problem! (Not the list of translators please ;-))

People love your Photoblog? Pixelpost has changed your life? You feel like giving back some of the joy you have with it?
So why not make a little donation to the Pixelpost Crew at Pledgie.com. The money will be spent for server hosting and support systems.

Host information

This displays information about the server your Pixelpost is running at. If you find an error or failure notice here this is very very bad. You should contact your hosting provider and ask for the basic requirements of Pixelpost since otherwise Pixelpost will never run for you.

  • URL: The web address where this page is executed (only for information)
  • PHP-version: If your PHP version is below 4.3.0 you should upgrade it.
  • Session save path: Usually this is '/tmp' but it depends on your server's settings. If the path is empty it will cause problems.
  • MySQL version: If your MySQL version is below 3.23.58 you should upgrade it.
  • GD-lib: A must for creating the thumbnails. If it is not shown up here with JPEG support, you should ask your hosting provider to compile it for you.
  • File Uploads: If file uploads are not possible it must be set in the PHP.ini file. Usually this can be done only by the hosting provider.
  • Server Software: Pixelpost should work in any server environment. But if this is anything else than Apache it may cause troubles with some Addons.
  • EXIF: In the actual version Pixelpost should use exifer v1.5 for EXIF-information.


It is very important to know where the image folders of pixelpost are found (default: ../images and ../thumbnails).
The guessed path is the "real" path, assuming that you didn't rename the upload path in the Options menu.
The configured path is the relative path to the folder you defined in the Options menu.

If the configured path shows the same value as the guessed path, this is wrong and your photoblog won't work! The configured path is the directory path seen from admin/index.php with the actual folder name where your images are in.

It is absolutely necessary that the image folders are writable, so this is approved here. CHMOD should be 0755 or 0777 (depending on your server's settings).
Tip: You don't know how to set the CHMOD? Don't worry, it is shown here: What is CHMOD?

The other directories (folders) of Pixelpost must be in place too of course, so this is checked as well: Language Directory, Addons Directory, Includes Directory, Templates Directory.
Some Addons may create additional folders but they will not be shown up here.

Pixelpost language translations

This is the list of the languages available in your Pixelpost installation. A big big THANK YOU to all the people who did the translation stuff!
Tip: You can see the language file version here: versions lower than your actual Pixelpost version won't have everything translated yet. The english language file will be used for missing phrases.

Referrers of last seven days

Here you see the referrer list of the last week which shows you where your visitors come from. To enable this feature you have to set the 'book visitors' to YES in the options panel.
Only visitors with referer information are shown here! TOP << Options | AdminPanel | Addons >>

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