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AdminPanel: Images


The images page shows you a list of all your uploaded images in descending order of publishing date. From here you can do a few mass actions for a bunch of images, you can go to edit or preview an image and you can delete images.

Images - Re-upload, Edit or Delete images || Select Categories / Keywords, month, ID

If you click on this headline, the filtering options are revealed (assuming you have JavaScript allowed what is generally recommended in Admin panel).
You can filter by categories, tags, tags in alternative language (if set) and by month. This makes it much easier to find a specific image.
If you know the image ID you can jump directly to the image by entering it in "Show ID".
Tip: You can see the image ID in your image blog page in the URL: ?showimage=123 where 123 is the image ID.

Database and Page information

To show what you have and where you are

Mass edit functions

Image List

The image list provides you with the basic information of each image. You find image ID, title, filename, dimensions in Pixel and kBytes, publishing date, categories and tags.

Images per Page

At the end of this page you can change the number of images per page. This information is stored in a browser cookie and is lost after closing the browser window.

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