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New Image

Post A New Image

Select an image file from your hard disc to upload, enter a compelling image title and tags for this image. You should not use special characters for the tags, they will be replaced (IE not b&w but b_w). Select a category where your image should be placed in. You can use more than one category.

Image Description / Text

Enter some text to your image which is displayed in the image page. If you don't want that, leave it blank.
You can use HTML here for formatting the image information, including colours, links or further images or thumbnails.
Tip: You want to have simple line breaks in your image description? Go to Admin Options and set ENABLE MARKDOWN to "yes". To have a normal linebreak in text, use "empty-empty-return". To have a paragraph, use "return-return".

Date and Time for the entry

Select the date and time when your image should be published:

  • Post now: default
  • Post one day after the last post: useful for creating a publishing queue on a daily base
  • Use exif date: publish the image in the moment it was taken (of course only if there is EXIF information in your image)
  • Post on a specific date: set the date below
    If you set this date and time to the future, only you logged in as administrator will see that until the set date. Use it for queuing up images for posting in the future of as a simple draft function.

You can always change the date and time manually on the Edit Image page.

Comment setting

You have three possibilities here how the comments are handled overruling the setting in the Admin Option page:

  • Publish instantly: comments are shown at once if they pass Pixelpost's spam checks
  • To moderation queue: after checked by Pixelpost's spam control they will be stored in the database, but not shown on the page until you set them to publish in the Admin Comments page.
  • Disable Commenting: no comments can be written for this image. This makes sense because spammers sometimes pick out a single image to flood it with comment spam.

Provide an image title and description in the alternative language

Enter the translated Image Title, Tags and Description here. Same rules as for the default language are applied.


After pressing the Upload button the image will be uploaded to the server and the image information will be stored in the database.
If you have set the thumbnail generation to "12CropImage", the New Image page is shown again and you have the possibility to crop the thumbnail manually.
Use the [+] and [-] buttons for resizing the crop and drag it with the mouse.

After upload and thumbnail creation you are directed to the images list page where you can control the main settings, edit it again or preview it in your blog.
Tip: Remember that you will see the image even if you have set the publishing date in the future since you are logged in as Admin right now!. TOP << | AdminPanel | Images >>

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