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Admin Workspaces

Workspace NameMenuFile NameInsert Location
All Pages
admin_html_head-admin/index.phpBetween <HTML> and </HTML> of each admin page
admin_main_menu-admin/index.phpwhile creating the Admin menus
admin_main_menu_contents-admin/index.phpduring the call of the submenu pages in dependence of GET variable
optionsoptionsadmin/options.phpwhen calling the Admin Options page.
additional_spam_measures-admin/options.phpat the end of the form in submenu Spam Control
General Info
infoinfoadmin/view_info.phpwhen calling the Admin Info page.
pages_commentbuttons-admin/comments.phpafter the SQL statement which counts the entries for the page numbers
show_commentbuttons_top-admin/comments.phpafter the buttons on top of the comments list
single_comment_list-admin/comments.phpbefore each single comment in the list
show_commentbuttons_bottom-admin/comments.phpafter the buttons at the bottom of the comments list
New Image
image_upload_start-admin/new_image.phpin the beginning of file upload
image_upload_succesful-admin/new_image.phpafter the successful upload of an image
image_upload_failed-admin/new_image.phpafter the error message if an image upload failed
image_uploaded-admin/new_image.phpafter the insert of the image into the database
upload_finished-admin/new_image.phpafter the insert of the image tags into the database
new_image_form_def_lang-admin/new_image.phpwithin the new image form (after the default language tags)
new_image_form_alt_lang-admin/new_image.phpwithin the new image form (after the alternative language tags)
new_image_form-admin/new_image.phpat the end of new image form, just before the submit button
thumb_created-admin/new_image.phpafter the thumbnail creation but before the 12CropImage function
Edit Image
image_editimagesadmin/images_edit.phpwhen calling the Admin Images Edit page.
image_update-admin/images_edit.phpduring the image update in the database right after updating the categories
image_reupload_start-admin/images_edit.phpin the beginning of file re-upload
image_reupload_succesful-admin/images_edit.phpafter the successful re-upload of an image
image_reupload_failed-admin/images_edit.phpafter the error message if an image re-upload failed
image_deleted-admin/images_edit.phpin the beginning of image deletion
image_list-admin/images_edit.phpwithin the list of the images after the basic information
edit_image_form_def_lang-admin/images_edit.phpwithin the edit image form (after the default language tags)
edit_image_form_alt_lang-admin/images_edit.phpwithin the edit image form (after the alternative language tags)
edit_image_form-admin/images_edit.phpat the end of edit image form, just before the submit button
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