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Front Workspaces

Workspace NameFile NameInsert Location
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frontpage_initindex.phpin the beginning of index.php, useful to call functions before any other code
comment_blocked_waited_too_longfunctions_comments.phpright after the check of the token time
comment_blocked_tokenfunctions_comments.phpright after the check of the token
comment_blocked_floodfunctions_comments.phpright after the spam flood check
comment_blocked_idfunctions_comments.phpright after the check for newlines in the image id
comment_blocked_intrusion_idfunctions_comments.phpright after the check for numeric image id
comment_blocked_maxurlfunctions_comments.phpright after the check for the number of URLs
comment_blocked_urllistedfunctions_comments.phpright after the check for blacklisted URLs
comment_blocked_disabledfunctions_comments.phpright after the checking if commenting is disabled
comment_invalid_emailfunctions_comments.phpright after the check for valid email
comment_blocked_banlistfunctions_comments.phpright after checking the banlist
comment_passedfunctions_comments.phpright before saving the comment in the database
comment_acceptedfunctions_comments.phpright after saving the comment in the database
comment_blocked_askimetfront_akismet_comment.phpright after the comment is identified as spam by Akismet
comment_passed_askimetfunctions_comments.phpright after the comment is identified as non-spam by Akismet
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