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Administration Related Questions

What do I have to type into "image path" and "thumbnail path" in Admin Options?
The thumbnails are not cropped when using the 12CropImage for cropping
Why are there different paths seen for image path and thumbnail path in Admin General Info?
Do I need all the Addons which come with Pixelpost Installation?
No linebreaks are shown in my image description
I lost my password, how can I get it again?
What does the Report Spam button do in admin panel?

Image and Thumbnail path

In Admin Options page you can define another foldername for your images and thumbnails folder. Default is ../images/ for the images and ../thumbnails/ for the thumbnails.
You can use any other folder name of your choice by changing the names here. But don't forget to create a folder by this name with the correct CHMOD too!

Thumbnail Cropping with 12CropImage

Try to reload the page after cropping with 12CropImage ("refresh" or "Shift-Refresh" or "Cmd-Refresh" or "F5"). This is usually a browser cache issue.

Configured and Guessed Path

In Admin General Info page you can check if your folders have the correct naming.
The guessed path is the real and absolute server path, assuming that you didn't rename the images / thumbnails directory in the Options menu.
The configured path is the relative path of the folder, showing the name you defined in the Options menu.

If the configured path shows the same value as the guessed path, this is wrong and your photoblog won't work!
The configured path is the directory path seen from admin/index.php with the actual folder name where your images rsp. thumbnails are in.


There are a few Addons in the Pixelpost Package which are meant as a basic sample for Addons or which you don't neewd all the time. You can turn them off of course as well as any other Addon which you don't indend to use. You can turn them on again at any time.

  • Admin Sample 12CropImage: for testing purpose, you can turn it off
  • Ping service: provided as an example too but you can use it as well. Turn it off if you don't want to use ping services.
  • Pixelpost Akismet comment filter: extended Spam control, you need a Wordpress Api Key for making it work. Turn it off if you don't use Akismet.
  • Pixelpost Calendar: turn it off if you don't want to use the calendar.
  • Pixelpost Copy Folder Contents: you need it only to mass-upload your images. Turn it off as default and turn it on in the moment you need it.
  • Pixelpost Current DateTime: another sample Addon, turn it off.
  • Update EXIF: you need it only once when updating the EXIF data of images uploaded prior to Version 1.6. Turn it off as soon as you are done.

See a description of all Pixelpost default Addons here: Addons

Linebreaks in the Image Description

You can always use HTML for formatting your image description. So use <br /> for a single new line and <br /><br /> for a double line break.
If you want to use simple line breaks in your image description go to Admin Options and set ENABLE MARKDOWN to "yes".
To have a normal linebreak in text, use empty-empty-return". To have a paragraph, use "return-return"

Password Recovery

Pixelpost has a built-in password recovery option, but it requires that you have set an actual and working email adress in the admin panel to send a new password for you. Just call your admin page with http://yourdomain.com/(photoblog_folder/)admin and you will see the link to the password recovery.

If for some reasons you can't log in you Pixelpost-Admin and the email-recovery isn't working, don't worry.
Place the password-recovery tool, which you find here, password_recovery.php, in the root of your site and run it. Fill in all questions and you will get a totally new and fresh password!

Note: After testing your password don't forget to delete password_recovery.php.

For detailed information visit the password recovery dicussion at the Pixelpost forum and the password recovery addon page.

Report Spam Button

Since Pixelpost version 1.5 there is the "report spam" button in the comment page of the Admin Panel.
By selecting some comments and pressing "report spam", the IP address of this comment is stored in the referer banned list and in the black list.
You can use the referer banned list to create a .htacces file which will block every visit of this IP address.

See the Options Spam Control documentation for more information.

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