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General Questions

I want to install Pixelpost but have no idea where to start.
I have a question, where should I ask?
How can I help the Pixelpost development team?
Who are the members of the Pixelpost development team?

Installing Pixelpost in 5 steps

You need:

  1. webspace which supports PHP and MySQL
  2. an Internet Browser like InternetExplorer or Firefox
  3. an FTP program like WS_FTP or Filezilla
  4. a text editor like Notepad which comes with windows

You do:

  1. look up your database login data (usually given per email by your hosting provider)
    create a database in your web hosting account and note the login data for that
  2. open the file pixelpost.php with a text editor (built in Notepad of Windows will be fine) and enter the database login data as shown in Install
  3. open your FTP program, connect to your server (FTP login data should be given by your hosting provider too)
  4. upload all pixelpost files and folders to your server (docs folder is not necessary). You can create a folder by any name (photoblog for example) before and upload Pixelpost there.
    If there is an index.html file in the (root) directory where you upload the pixelpost files, remove or rename it.
  5. open your browser and go to http://yourdomain.com(/yourpixelpostfolder)/admin/install.php and follow the onscreen instructions.

The first steps when having a question

  1. Read the documentation
  2. Read the FAQ thoroughly
  3. Search in the Pixelpost Forum
  4. Post your question in the Pixelpost Forum
    If you have need help with some strange behaviour of Pixelpost don't forget to post the content of the General Info page, that will help the helpers a lot.
  5. Never never never write to thecrew@pixelpost.org unless you see no other chance ;-)

Help the Pixelpost Team

If you want to take an active part in helping the Pixelpost community, there are several ways:

  • Make a donation
    We are always happy about donations which are used for server hosting and support systems.
    Click here to lend your support to Pixelpost and make a donation at www.pledgie.com!
    You can also use the Donate Button in your Admin Panel at the General Info page.
  • Be an active member in the Pixelpost Forum
    Here you can share your experiences with other members and help out the beginners.
  • Become a Forum moderator
    After being active in the Pixelpost Forum for a longer time you can apply for a mod in the Forum. Write to thecrew@pixelpost.org
  • Translate a language file into a new language
    We are always glad about new language files for spreading Pixelpost all over the world. Upload it to the extend section of Pixelpost.
    If you manage to translate one of the really important languages we have forgotten until now it may be integrated into the next Pixelpost version.
  • Create a brand new Template
    There are already a lot of Templates for Pixelpost, but there is always the demand for new ones. Read the Template Authors Manual before and upload it to Pixelpost's extend section to share it.
  • Write a brand new Addon
    Pixelpost comes with very strong features already but it still can be extended. There are many Addons already out for public but if you have an idea to make it better, just do it. Read the Addon Authors Manual before and upload it to Pixelpost's extend section to share it.
  • Become a member of the developer team
    You cannot apply for the dev team but be sure, one day you will be asked for if you meet the following requirements:
    • You are an active member in the Pixelpost Forum
    • You are sharing your well-founded knowledge about HTML, PHP, MySQL and Pixelpost core code with other members
    • You have published your own Addons and improved them regularily
    • We like your work and your style
    • We need help
    • You are between 20 and 30 years, not married, handsome and loyal

ok, forget about the last item ;-)

Pixelpost Crew

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