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Pixelpost comes with a handful of pre-installed language localizations right out of the box.
If your native tongue is currently unsupported, you can easily translate one of the existing language files by opening it up in a simple text editor.
(Don't let those .php file extensions scare you!)

If you're the ambitious type and decide to create a new language localization for Pixelpost, make sure you share it with the rest of us by uploading your fresh language creation to our Extend Section (using your forum username and password)!

List of available language localizations:

  • Danish (lang-danish.php, admin-lang-danish.php)
  • Dutch (lang-dutch.php, admin-lang-dutch.php)
  • English (lang-english.php, admin-lang-english.php)
  • French(lang-french.php, admin-lang-french.php)
  • German (lang-german.php, admin-lang-german.php)
  • Hungarian (lang-hungarian.php, admin-lang-hungarian.php) NEW!
  • Italian (lang-italian.php, admin-lang-italian.php)
  • Japanese (lang-japanese.php, admin-lang-japanese.php)
  • Polish (lang-polish.php, admin-lang-polish.php)
  • Romanian (lang-romanian.php, admin-lang-romanian.php) NEW!
  • Simplified Chinese (lang-simplified_chinese.php, admin-lang-simplified_chinese.php)
  • Spanish (lang-spanish.php, admin-lang-spanish.php)
  • Swedish (lang-swedish.php, admin-lang-swedish.php)

Languages like Portuguese, Persian and Norwegian were not translated for Pixelpost 1.7.
You can grab the latest version of these languages from our extend languages section and complete any missing translations yourself.

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