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Changelog from Pixelpost 1.6 to Pixelpost 1.7

The Big Changes

  • Install and Upgrade assistant
  • Front workspaces
  • Sorting options for front side image queue
  • Filtering options for admin side images list
  • Cleanups in comments and addons section

Admin Area:

  • New filter functions in the images list
  • Comments sorted into submenus (published, moderated, Akismet)
  • Admin language set independent of blog language


  • Renewed autodetection of feeds
  • Feed description and copyright
  • Valid ATOM and RSS feed
  • Settings for feed display (image only, thumbnail only, image with text, thumbnail with text)
  • Two new feed tags: <TAG_RSS_LINK> and <TAG_ATOM_LINK>

Language and Tags

  • New tags for thumbnail size, subtitle and focus tag cloud
  • New languages: hungarian and romanian. Spanish and swedish for admin panel.
  • Admin language can be set independent now

Other Changes

  • Frontpage workspaces which can be used for handling many of the front page functions of the blog (including comment actions)

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Newline in comments editing
  • Removed hardcoded paths of images and thumbnails folder
  • Image autodelete security solution
  • "use exif date for publish" now works on all systems
  • HTML code in site title
  • Quotes in metatags
  • Mass delete function now deletes everything
  • Cleaning of spam lists in admin options
  • More appropriate error messages
  • Addon sorting before calling
  • Copy folder now stores the exif in database
  • Don't show empty alt tags and alt title in the image list
  • Form fields content in case of unsuccessful image upload
  • Time zone is correct now on image uplade "post now"

Changelog from Pixelpost 1.5 to Pixelpost 1.6

The Big Changes

  • Tag support
  • Secondary language support
  • More anti-spam features


  • Now Pixelpost produces valid ATOM 1.0 feed. Up to Version 1.5, Pixelpost produced valid ATOM 0.3 feed
  • As the feedvalidator at www.feedvalidator.org issues deprecation warnings whenever it encounters Atom 0.3 feeds, this upgrade was really necessary
  • RSS: <guid> now produces complete URL + index.php...
    Example where nn stands for the image-number: <guid>http://www.yourdomainhere.de/index.php?showimage=nn</guid>


  • Comments enabled/disabled/moderated for individual posts
  • More security thanks to switching off error_reporting by default when not logged in
  • Check if the commenter IP address is in the DSBL list @ http://www.dsbl.org. If it is, the user is redirected to a warning page mentioning the used address is blocked. Otherwise, comment gets trough
  • Users can set the number of seconds between comments in the admin user panel. If a comment is posted before that the script dies because of a possible spam flood


  • Bug fix with double <br /> in comments visible on page
  • Markdown enable/disable
  • Comments for an individual picture can now be disabled through editing picture properties or set when uploading a picture
  • User comments with the same mail address as the admin mail address get a new style <li class="admin_comment"> to differentiate
  • Fixed comment redirection when $_SERVER['HTTP_referrer'] is empty
  • Added new functionality: direct redirection after posting comment (without "thank you screen"); it needs <input type='hidden' name='withthankyou' value='no' /> in comment form (in template file)

Language and Tags

  • Fixed a bug that the selected language for the blog was shown twice in the list
  • Code added for selecting language files and language specific templates while maintaining backwards compatibility
  • TAG replacement and stuff is added in an addon
  • If no language is set the 'old' way is used to display the page
  • Support for <LANGUAGE=XX> tags (creates url) and <ALTERNATIVE_LANGUAGE> tag (for switching between the secondary language)
  • Added secondary language support for title and description


  • Switch template select: removed duplicate entry
  • Showing exif is an option in the admin panel
  • Added Mark all images in admin area (see: http://forum.pixelpost.org/showthread.php?t=5361)
  • Added a massdelete image option and a mass publish option
  • Added additional info to the file upload error message when there are incorrect write rights to the /images directory
  • Global setting, set through the Options, is used as default for new picture
  • Nice error message when the user selects an alternative language similar to the default language
  • Nice spam flood error message in the language file

Other Changes

  • Many spelling errors corrected
  • Addon type 'front' added for (future) workspaces in the frontpage.
  • Added error_reporting switch. index.php?errors (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE) or index.php?errorsall (E_ALL). Must be logged into admin to work
  • Added a count_addon_admin_menus function. If count_addon_admin_menus > 0 then show HTML menu code. Otherwise don't show code
  • Small bug where index.html needed to prevent folder browsing showed up in the selection lists for language and templates fixed
  • When uploading picture Exif info is stored in database and on viewing restored from database
  • Added SVN tags for development
  • Fixed small bug when get_file_contents is disabled when checking for latest pixelpost version. if get_file_contents returns false, cURL method is tried. If cURL returns false, "Unable to retrieve current version" is displayed
  • When gpc_magic_quotes is not set PP title and site url is escaped by using addslahes. Bug fix for http://forum.pixelpost.org/showthread.php?t=5366
  • Added code for adding alt_fields in the categories table and tags table
  • Fixed problem with incorrect variable name used for taking thumbnail image size
  • Many more minor bugs fixed

Changelog from Pixelpost 1.4 to Pixelpost 1.5

The Big Changes

  • Admin Interface is completely language driven
  • More options to fight SPAM
  • Addons are now possible also in Admin-Area: new pages and customized functionality possible
  • Fixed version 1.4.x problems with PHP 5 and MySQL 5
  • Admin/index.php is split into thematic include-files (new_image.php, categories.php etc.)

Admin Area:

  • Now complete ADMIN area is language-file driven as well
  • Fix program output is converted into variables
  • Admin-language-files are set like this:
    if admin-lang-XXX.php exist, when lang-XXX.php is choosen, this admin-language-file is activated
    if this admin-lang-XXX.php does not exist, admin-lang-english.php is activated
    if admin-lang-english.php does not exist, error message is printed out
  • Admin/Options/General: only one UPDATE button for all options
  • External links from Admin-section will open in new window
  • More information in GENERAL INFO section:
    added info about file_uploads setting
    added info about PP installation URL
    added CHMOD info about image and thumb dirs
  • Image path is ../images/ by default
  • New image can be posted to EXIF-date of the image
  • Time stamps ON/OFF switch added

Image Posting

  • Added info with current time
  • If EXIF is not available post to EXIF Date will post the current time
  • Added opening MARKDOWN links in new window
  • "Edit link" added after uploading image for fast editing
  • 12cropImage is now compatible with php5
  • Default category is selected only when user is inside the new_image (upload new image) page
  • When posting to the future and you are logged in as admin, Pixelpost will show you
  • The new image, non-admin users will see the actual image
  • This is added as kind of "preview" for administrators

Image Editing

  • Now categories can be assigned or unassigned to selected images (more than one)
  • Images can be re-uploaded
  • Preview-option (especially for posting into future)
  • All <img> in the comments page now have alt attribute
  • Bigger input fields for image-description
  • When image is deleted, the comments of that image will be deleted as well


  • Comment moderation + batch operations on comments
  • Delete selected comments
  • Publish selected comments
  • View moderation queue
  • Add to moderation queue
  • Report comment as SPAM
  • Edit the comment text
  • Redirection to comment after entering comment automatically
  • Changed email-handling: no email is sent, if no comment is inserted to DB
  • Error massage is visible after unsuccessful adding adding of comment
  • Added commenter URL to HTML notify
  • Now people can delete/moderate comments with compare to the black/moderation list
  • If no http:// or https:// , the comment-url will not be echoed
  • Only one email-address can be entered in comment-form


  • New template: "simple"
  • All links to referrer template are taken off, because referrer-List is not supported anymore
  • A descriptive splash page (splash_page.html) will show up in case the server/photoblog is not functioning well


  • Corrected atom-url for autodetect
  • RSS and ATOM Feed working / validating with apostrophes and special characters
  • Beside <ATOM_AUTODETECT>, which created the "href-part" of the autodetection-link in the header-section of image_template.html, we have now 2 new AUTODETECT-Tags: for RSS + Atom, implemented in the templates which come with Pixelpost

Security / SPAM

  • No hijacking of the script possible
  • index.php shows 404-message when image number is not numeric or "x=ref" is called
  • No "index.php?x=foo" can be passed to a pixelpost photoblog unless "foo" is a valid argument
  • "Fight Spam" added to options
  • Moderation and black list for comments + referrer ban list for referrers
  • Added spam report to admin >> comments page
  • People can report spams and log their IPs in both black list and referrer banned list
  • Comment spam moderation and ban list is added
  • Admin / General Info shows the most referrers of last 7 days in the Options >> Fight Spam
  • .htaccess code generation for preventing ref spams from hitting Pixelpost's webistes is added.
  • Comment spam security hole is fixed
  • No one can send spams with use of pixelpost comment form
  • Only one email-address can be entered in comment-form
  • Visitor booking can be turned OFF/ON

New Tags

  • <SITE_URL> will show the complete URL of the site
  • <BASE_HREF>, set in the header of a template, allows to set all links relative to the Site-URI


  • Admin-addons are introduced
  • You can have customize admin section with additional addons
  • Admin area can have new pages with costum functionalities
  • Existing Addons can be switched on/off by the admin
  • Page archive tags are listed in the addons page
  • CopyFolder Addon now can publish using exif capture date
  • Upload sorted files according to their exif info or their filename
  • The date of the posts is set as the actual date, if not set to use the exif date
  • Supports clean url
  • Added one second sleep before each post
  • Can set multi categories at upload
  • Calendar Addon is corrected, now it supports languages like chinese or farsi where letters are double-bytes


  • First steps to clear URL support (next and prev datetime variables)
  • Options now have a workspace. People can write addons that adds submenu to options page!
  • Updated paths - should work with <base href=..>
  • Avoiding maximum execution time reached in thumb generation!
  • Categories_as_list now a function inside functions.php
  • Lists categories as a table, included from includes/admin_category_table_as_list.inc.php
  • Some variables re-defined
  • Login mechanism using sessions
  • Small SQL optimization
  • Pixelpost is compatible with PHP 5.0


  • Install will prompt that it will create addons table
  • No buttons / icons are packed to the release anymore

Minor changes

  • Fixed that double quotes in <IMAGE_NOTE_CLEAN> broke the layout in IE
  • Fixed a bug that prevent deleting the comments with banned words or refs with names in the banned list
  • Bugfix for comment save
  • Corrected the information about creating thumbnails
  • Corrected typos
  • admin_index.css extended and corrected
  • Added the "category-title" to all Admin-sections
  • Fixed title encoding problems in image section preview at admin panel
  • Fixed warnings problem in new addons "installation" function
  • Corrected wrong select-value for year 2009 (posting possible from 2002 to 2009)
  • \\N to \\n
  • MJS code formated in a cool way
  • Exposure time of 350d was not showing for images on images with shutter time more than 1s
  • Cleared CSS and HTML in templates
  • Updated the version of markdown to Version 1.0.1c - Fri 9 Dec 2005

Changelog from Pixelpost 1.3 to Pixelpost 1.4.3

Major Changes

  • Full Unicode (UTF-8) support, no more strange characters
  • More security with better security measures
  • Password recovery feature is now available
  • Crop tool is added for creating selective thumbnails both when posting a new entry and editing an old entry
  • More than one image a day is supported now
  • Multi-category support compatible with v1.3 multi-cat
  • Cleaner RSS/ATOM feed support (also autodetect-feature in the Header-Links for RSS and ATOM)
  • Improved performance with database usage
  • Templates are valid CSS and valid HTML
  • Supports more languages
  • Improved usability of admin panel
  • More ways to integrate new templates
  • Better EXIF-support

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