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Pixelpost's Features

Pixelpost is a web application requiring PHP and MySQL for presenting your photos in a diary (blog) style. This is what we call a Photoblog.


  • Image description and image EXIF data provided
  • Full multi language capability (including image title, description, categories and tags)
  • Image commenting with strong spam protection
  • Archive page with categories, taglist and monthly sorting, with optional pagination if you wish
  • Post Calendar
  • Predesigned About page
  • Automatic generation of RSS and ATOM feeds for images and comments

Template System

  • Pixelpost comes with two stylish templates already installed
  • Pages can be easily re-designed with CSS or by editing the templates by hand
  • A bunch of free ready-to-use templates are available for download
  • Tags for grouping your images
  • The ability to create as many pages as you want


  • Simple template switching
  • Multiple categories
  • Automatic thumbnail generation in predefined size with thumbnail sharpening NEW!
  • EXIF data stored automatically
  • Image tagging
  • Post on specific date
  • Draft postings by posting in the future (only Administrator can see these postings)
  • Easy comment management including comment moderation
  • Akismet antispam filtering included as an addon
  • Language selection for administration is independent from front side language NEW!
  • Filter list for image location in admin images list NEW!
  • Referer log
  • Banlist
  • HTML or Markdown for image descriptions
  • Time zone correction
  • Feed settings
  • Many more features can be added by using easy to install Addons


  • Smooth installation assistant NEW!
  • Check for updates in Admin panel NEW!
  • Easy upgrade procedure NEW!


  • Detailed documentation on http://www.pixelpost.org
  • Complete tag list with description available
  • Great community support in the Pixelpost Forum
  • Dedicated Team of developers working on improvements all the time
  • 100% Free and Open Source!

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