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TemplateTags /


Tag Function:

  • Displays a check-box list of all categories.

Main Usage:

  • Used within browse_template.html to dynamically recall and load a check-box list of all categories.


In your browse template, you can use the tag like this:


Sample Output:

Using the code above will generate the following when the template is run:

<form method='post' action='index.php?x=browse'>
  <input type='checkbox' name='category[]' value='1'  />Default&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
  <input type='checkbox' name='category[]' value='2'  />Nikon&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
  <input type='checkbox' name='category[]' value='3'  />Nature&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
  <input type='submit' value='Filter' />


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