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Tag Function:

  • Displays a drop-down list of images sorted by month.

Main Usage:

  • Used within browse_template.html to dynamically recall and load a drop-down list of all images sorted by month.


In your browse template, you can use the tag like this:


Sample Output:

Using the code above will generate the following when the template is run:

<select name='browse' onChange='self.location.href=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;'>
<option value=''>Monthly archive</option>
<option value='index.php?x=browse&amp;pagenum=1'>All (200)</option>
<option value='index.php?x=browse&amp;archivedate=2007-06&amp;monthname=June,%202007&amp;pagenum=1'> (June 2007) (56)</option>
<option value='index.php?x=browse&amp;archivedate=2007-05&amp;monthname=May,%202007&amp;pagenum=1'> (May 2007) (97)</option>
<option value='index.php?x=browse&amp;archivedate=2007-04&amp;monthname=April,%202007&amp;pagenum=1'> (April 2007) (47)</option>

Language Variable:

The output of this template tag is definable via your language file:

$lang_browse_all  =  "All";


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