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Tag Function:

  • Displays a text link list of all tags as <TAG_LINKS_AS_LIST> but with classes in reversed order.

Main Usage:

  • Used within browse_template.html to dynamically recall and load a text link list of all tags with class sizes in reversed order (often used tags are smaller than rarely used ones).


In your browse template, you can use the tag like this:


Sample Output:

Using the code above will generate the following when the template is run:

<div id="tag_cloud">
  <a href="index.php?x=browse&amp;tag=nikon" class="tags10">Nikon&nbsp;(5)</a>
  <a href="index.php?x=browse&amp;tag=nature" class="tags04">Nature&nbsp;(37)</a>

CSS Class:

Using these ids allow you to determine the look of the tags list:

#tag_cloud { /* id for tag cloud */


Language Variable:

The output of the word "Tags" is definable via your language file:

$lang_tags  =  "Tags:<br/>";

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