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Tag Function:

  • Displays a list of the images comments if available. Otherwise shows, "No Comments Yet.".

Main Usage:

  • Used within image_template.html or comment_template.html to dynamically recall and load a list of the images comments.


In your image or comment template, you can use the tag like this:


Sample Output:

Using the code above will generate the following when the template is run:

wonderful study of lines. i like the exposure, it suits the image. cheers.
photolvr @ 2007-04-13 19:08:33

The reflection in the very bottom part of the bottom window bothers me a little, it would have been a perfectly clean image without that. Good try though.
Crit Master @ 2007-04-13 19:09:36

Language Variable:

The output of this template tag is definable via your language file:

$lang_no_comments_yet  =  "No Comments Yet.";

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