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Tag Function:

  • Displays thumbnails as a row. You may specify the number of thumbnails to show with the admin options » thumbnails pane.

Main Usage:

  • Used within image_template.html to dynamically recall and load a list of thumbnails.


In your image template, you can use the tag like this:


Sample Output:

Using the code above will generate the following when the template is run:

<a href="./index.php?showimage=99">
  <img src="thumbnails/thumb_20070413190355_test.jpg" alt="Image Title 1" title="Image Title 1" class="current-thumbnail" width="100" height="75" />

<a href="./index.php?showimage=100">
  <img src="thumbnails/thumb_20070413190355_test_2.jpg" alt="Image Title 2" title="Image Title 2" class="thumbnails" width="100" height="75" />

CSS Class:

Using these classes allow you to determine the look of the thumbnail row:

.thumbnails { /* class for thumbnails */

.current-thumbnail {/* class for current thumbnail */



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