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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Export Plugin v2.0.2β featured

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Developer Description

Now With Lightroom 2 Support!

Upgrade Instructions:

  1. Replace the old Lightroom plugin (pixelpost.lrdevplugin) with the new one included in this package.

  2. You're Done!

    You don't need to change or re-upload Pixelpost addon files, as they haven't been changed.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Open the file 'pp_upload.php' and specify a Post Key.

  2. Copy the file 'pp_upload.php' to the 'admin' folder in your Pixelpost installation.

  3. Copy the file 'admin_pp_upload.php' to the 'addons' folder in your Pixelpost installation.

  4. Copy the folder 'pixelpost.lrdevplugin' to the proper location:

    • MAC: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/
    • WINDOWS XP: C:/Documents and Settings/{your_username}/Application Data/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/
    • WINDOWS VISTA: C:/Users/{your_username}/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/

    If the 'Modules' folder doesn't exist, you will need to create it manually.

  5. Login to your Pixelpost Admin, and go to the 'Addons' Page.

  6. Turn the Addon 'External App Upload' ON.

  7. Copy the listed Upload URL & Post Key from the Addons page

  8. Open up Lightroom, go to File > Export

  9. Choose 'Export to Pixelpost' from the list on the left

  10. Copy/paste the Post Key & Upload URL from the Addons page into the appropriate box.


Plugin Features:

  • Single click export to Pixelpost from Lightroom

  • Export multiple images at once

  • Reads XMP & EXIF metadata (see cross reference)

  • Create custom export presets

  • Plus all built in Lightroom Export features, such as image resizing and watermarking

Lightroom Metadata Cross Reference:

  • Title = Pixelpost Image Title
  • Caption = Pixelpost Image Description
  • Keyword Tags = Pixelpost Tags

Other options such as: categories, publish date, and comment settings can be adjusted in the Export window.

A Notice to Lightroom 1 Notes:

Lightroom 1 users should download v1.0.2, as v2.x only works with Lightroom 2

Change Log:

  • v2.0.2
    • Lightroom 2 Support Added
    • Huge Thanks to Richard Taylor for adding Lightroom 2 support.
  • v1.0.2
    • This is a repackaged version of 1.0.1, as the previous version wasn't uploaded properly.
    • Note: This is the last version to support Lightroom 1.
  • v1.0.1
    • Fixed a few small spelling errors
    • Fixed "Use EXIF Date" & "One Day After Last Post"
  • v1.0.0
    • Initial Version

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  1. Good 4
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    As I use LR/Mogrify plugin to export my pics - before uploading them with the pixelpost admin panel - I have the ability to embed a frame to my pics:


    Would this be possible to built directly a frame builder in you module? That would be great time saving, as I (we?) could upload our pics directly from lr to pp with your addon with a frame.

    Thanks very much. Stephane

  2. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    lth375 - They just mean go into pp_upload.php and change the 'POSTKEY' (replace ChangeMe with a real password)

    Does anybody know if there are docs for the post format for the 'External App Uploader' included with this. Im looking to use it for a different uploader project.


  3. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    sorry but could you explain:

    Open the file 'pp_upload.php' and specify a Post Key