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Advanced Next Mod v1.1

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Developer Description

I've taken the Advanced Next addon and implemented the changes mentioned in the comments. I've also tweaked it so that when you get to the first image in the category and click on the image, it takes you to the last image, so they cycle round. Similar with the previous and next buttons.

I've added three new tags:

<CURRENT_CATEGORY> - returns the name of the category being browsed, or 'All pictures'
<TOTAL_IN_CATEGORY> - returns the total number of pictures in the currently selected category
<CURRENT_POSITION> - tells us which picture we're looking at in the current category

So for example my image page says:

Browsing: Landscapes     Image: 3 of 15

A small modification is needed to functions_browse.php (in the includes folder) for the addon to work. If you've modified functions_browse before and don't want to overwrite the whole file, search the new file for:
// modification for advanced_next addon
and make the changes described there.

Note that you don't need the original advanced next addon for this one to work, in effect this one supercedes the original addon.

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    works great!!

    how can I modify index.pxp to keep category in the output of the tag <IMAGE_THUMBNAIL_ROW_REV>

    my blog is www.dpfotos.net



  2. Good 4
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    I wasn't able to get this to work. I know a little PHP but apparently not enough, I tried for 2 1/2 hours with no success with the most important part, the addition of the category to URL after first sorting by category on the browse screen and then selecting a thumbnail. It just loads the index page as it normally would as though I never installed or activated the two addons.

    What did work were the additions Danny added; the tags for displaying the category, the numbers of images in the category and which one you are viewing, example: image 4 of 7 in category, all worked. These are fantastic additions, but it will be so much better if I could get the "advanced next" part to work. One suggestion I would give to all coders is to include detailed instructions in a text file with the download package, what seems obvious to a coder is not obvious to a photographer with little or no HTML experience. Heck, I consider my self above novice and I couldn't figure it out. I even tried going back to the original version figuring I could always add the Mod if I could get that to work, no luck. Kudos for the good work Danny, but we're not quite there yet, and it may be as simple as instructions that are all that is needed.

  3. Mediocre 2
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Hello, this addon does not work on my blog. Could you tell me, where I have to insert the tags provided with the addon ? Kind regards Franz