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Ajax Photo Ratings v1.0

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Developer Description

This addon allows your visitors to rate your photos based on a scale of 1 to 10 or anywhere in between using the power of degradable ajax. Please visit the following forum post for a full feature list: http://www.pixelpost.org/forum/showthread.php?t=6984


  • Main features:
    • Uses Ajax to rate your photos (no page refresh)!
    • 100% degradable. Your photos still get voted if your viewer has JavaScript disabled!
    • Multiple checks to stop repeated voting so your results are as accurate as possible!
    • Utility to transfer your old ratings from Robert Prouse's ratings addon!
    • Your most valued visitors who comment and rate your photos will receive a personalized thank-you message!
    • View how many votes each image contains in seconds within the admin panel!
    • Multilingual capable!
    • Top rated, Worst rated, Least rated, Most rated statistical addon included!
    • Extremely flexible, well documented, multiple examples included!


  • Current supported languages:
    • English
    • German
    • Polish
    • Dutch
    • Italian



  • Online documentation:

  • Other documentation:

    • The same manual above is included with your download.



  • Key:

    • [!]Important
    • [+]New
    • [-]Fixed error
    • [*]Changes
  • Version 1.0

    • [+] Multilingual capable (user and admin supported).
    • [+] Added ajax_rating_statistics.php addon which allows you to display Top/Worst/Most/Least rated images.
    • [*] Code cleanup.
    • [!] Jumped to version 1.0.
  • Version 0.7

    • [-]Fixed the regular expression that was causing some people's photoblogs to cease proper functionality.
    • [*]Updated the javascript functions to help avoid conflict between mootools and prototype packages.
    • [+]Added function to admin_ajax_ratings.php that removes the rating info from the database upon image deletion.
    • [*]Updated User Guide
  • Version 0.6

    • [+]Added new template tag to display total votes separately from the standard status message.
    • [+]Added new template tag to display total votes cast separately from the standard status message.
    • [+]Added optional admin_ajax_ratings.php addon file so you can view how many ratings each image has within your admin panel.
    • [+]Added new utility to completely erase the ratings data. (useful when testing)
    • [*]Updated User Guide
  • Version 0.5

    • [!]Initial release.

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  1. Good 4
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Easy to install, easy to customize.

    And with those sleak standard stars, this is a great addition to any photoblog.