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Calendar Addon v1.1.6

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Developer Description

A modification of the pixelpost official Calendar addon. -supports sunday first in normal style. -supports numerical month name. -bugs fixed.

demo site

1.1.6 changes(2007.03.17): -fully support GeoS category addon. -calendar date goes with the current image.

1.1.5 changes(2006.10.02):

-fixed: clicking the last image causes the calendar to disappear when the month is after September.

1.1.4 changes(2006.06.01):

-fixed: week days and month name are displayed in a mess in some languages.

1.1.3 changes(2006.05.24):

--fix: goes to error page when there is no image found in the month.now the current image will keep on displaying if there is no image found in previous month or next month.

--supports displaying sunday first in a week(optional).

--supports numerical month name(optional).

1.1.0 changes(2006.05.23):

--fix: goes to error page because the month-arrow link has no image id when browsing the site without "showimage=id" behind,such as "www.pp-site.com"or"www.pp-site.com/index.php".

--fix: not ordered by datetime.if there are more than one image in a day,the bigger image id will be showed as the last image of the day when clicking the day-link.this happens when leaving one or more images behind.

--fix: always displays the current image when clicking the month-arrow,now goes to the last image of the month you want to go.

--fix: the month goes back to the current month when clicking the image forwards in another month.

--works both in vertical and horizonal style.

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