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Category Thumbnails v0.5

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Developer Description

Following a request by forum member Spazzwig, i've made a quick addon called Category Thumbnails.

It's a simple modification of the existing thumbnails code from the Browse template. This addon provides a new tag: , which displays thumbnails that look similar to those displayed on the Browse template. However, instead of displaying every thumbnail (or those from a specified category), this tag displays the latest thumbnail from each category. Clicking the thumbnails takes you to the relevant browse page for that category.

There's also a simple change you can make to change the thumbnails so that the link takes you to the view page for that specific image.

It's intended as an overview of your categories, it's up to you to explain the functionality to your visitors as this current version of Category Thumbnails is fairly simple (and familiar) in appearance.

Bear in mind that this is version 0.1, some testing and feedback would be appreciated.

EDIT: Updated to version 0.5 to take into account the new categories link table introduced in a recent version.

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