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Collage Addon v0.3

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Developer Description

This addon makes an automatic random Collage. User can also select a cateory and it will created collage of that category. This will also show random thumbnails in mouse over action of the thumbnails. Sample collage template file is included for the Simple template.


1) copy contents of To_photoblog_root directory to the root of your photoblog (to main directory) (if you have Overlib for rating addon or photoblink thumbs addon you can skip this step)
2) copy contents of To_Addons_folder to addons folder
3) add and to a new page called collage_template.html to make it work. To see a sample collage page. Copy the included sample collage template from to_templates_simple to templates/simple and use Simple template with address http://your_photoblog.com/index.php?x=collage.

To customize:

Edit addons/collage_addon.php file in an editor. You have a comprehensive control on the behavior of the addon with changing the paramters that are stated at the top.

Note on version 0.2: now a random image is created each time for collage and old files will be delete after a while (less than a minute).

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    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    I used this addon for a couple of weeks. but suddenly it started to turn off automatically after a short period of time. I asked raminia for support, but he just mentioned, that he cannot look after it because he is writing something new collages stuff. So I will have to exchange it.