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Comment Link Generator v1.1

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Developer Description

This is a simple addon to generate a list of all the commentors on a site. Everybody loves it when people visit their blogs, and love it even more when they leave comments. This is a good way to show your appreciation and give them a link back. It orders the list of people by the one who has the most comments, and list them out with a link to the URL they entered.

The display can be configured in a variety of ways:

  1. You can display it in 'x' number of columns - minimum is 1.
  2. You can change the width of the table it displays - it accepts percentage width as well as pixel width.
  3. You can change the cell padding of the column in the table.
  4. You can enter in style sheet names to control the display the text - you can enter styles for the table style, the table row style, the table column style and the comment link style.

You can also add additional styles directly in the php code if you wish: look for the comment '//add additional styles here if you wish'.

Installation: just drag the php file into your addons folder and enable it from the admin - you will have the option to enter all the information for the configuration.

Implementation: output the tag <COMMENT_LINK> where you want to display the list..

Demo can be seen on my website, on the misc page.

Enjoy !

Future updates to include more tags, including the most commented pictures, and possibly by location.

v 1.1 Update: Added option show users who have not left a URL. Checkbox in addon admin gives the option to either include it or not...

NOTE: The user/login used to connect to the pixelpost DB from the php code needs to have create/alter table permissions - this is only for the first time - you can revoke the permissions after that...

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    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    For me it is not working. I only get the table, but nothing in. Any idea?