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Comment Sort v0.5α

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Developer Description

This addon currently allows the administrator to sort and show comments by an Images Id, Headline, Commenter, or Comment via the comments administration pane.

Additionally, the template tag, <FAST_EDIT_COMMENTS>, will create a link back to your comments administration pane showing all comments from the currently viewed image. The link created by the template tag will only be visible when logged in as an administrator. Your viewers will not see it nor with they know it exists.

Please take note. This addon is in its early stages of development. More options and smarter sorting will eventually become available.



  • Key:

    • [!]Important
    • [+]New
    • [-]Fixed error
    • [*]Changes
  • 0.5a:

    • [+] Sort by commenter.
    • [+] Search and sort by comment message.
    • [+] Added <FAST_EDIT_COMMENTS> template tag.
  • 0.1a:
    • [!] Initial release.

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