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Comment Subscriber v0.2

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Developer Description

Important: You must have your comment_template.html set up to use "emails". If you do not have this modification/addon, this addon will not work.

This addon will let vistors to your site subscribe to a photo's comments. When a new comment arrives, those visitors will be emailed a notification that a comment has occured on that specific image.

STUFF YOU MUST DO: Copy the addon 'subscribe.php' to your addon directory.

Then on your admin page, go to "addons" to setup your database. It's all automatic.

Add a checkbox to your comment_template.html. I have example code in the readme.txt

Just put it anywhere in the page you'd like to see it.

Now when visitors check the "subscribe" checkbox, they will be subscribed to those set of comments.

to subscribe, they must leave a comment and check the "yes" box. to unsubscribe, they just check the "no" box and hit the submit button. They do not need to leave a comment.

Update version 0.2. Fixed a couple email bugs, and cleaned it up a bit. Remember if you want to change the way your email goes out, just change the email section in the subscribe.php.

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