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Copy Folder with Titles / Descriptions v1.0

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Developer Description

This is a replacement for the copy_folder.php addon that comes with PP 1.5BETA1 that will read image titles and descriptions from a text file, if present in the upload directory.

To install: move addons/copy_folder.php out of the way (such as to addons/copy_folder.php.original) and then put copy_folder_with_titles.php in your addons directory. You're done!

To use:

If the optional listing file (titles.txt in your upload directory) is used, then title and description will be read from there. Its format is simply one record per line, the fields are filename, title, description. Fields are double-quote encapsulated and comma separated. If the listing file is not used, then behaviour is the same as the original addon - i.e., each entry will have the filename as title and no description. Either way, the first category (default) as category.

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