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Developer Description

Custom Fields Addon provide ability to add specific parameters to the images. You can add unlimited amount of fields, disable selected fields, change fields visibility, set fields order or delete them.

For example:
Cropped (Yes, no, a little, etc.)
Image Quality (JPG, RAW, TIFF, etc.)
RAW Converter (Adobe Camera Raw, Nikon Capture, C1 Pro, etc.)
Used software (Adobe Photoshop CS2, Paintbrush, etc.)
Noise (Original, NeatImage, etc.)
Rotation (None, 90, -90, 180, minor rotation, etc.)
Location (Home, work, travel to Africa, travel to Russia, indoor, outddor, etc.)
Event (My birthday, Christmas, etc.)
City (New-York, Paris, London, Moscow, Birsk :-), etc.)
Flash (Not used, Nikon SB800, multiple flashes, etc.)
Genre (Portrait, street photo, landscape, nude, macro, etc.)
Tripod (Hands, tripod, monopod, table, etc.)
Photographer (John Smith, Ivan Susanin, Van Halen, etc.)
Mood ......
Weather ......
Season ......
Now playing ...
GPS Coords ...
Keywords ...
HTML-elements (colors, styles, etc)
...and so on.


1. Unzip and upload file admin_customfields.php to your Pixelpost /Addon directory.
2. Go to Admin area, Addons. The database tables will be created automatically.
3. Add necessary amount of custom fields. Fill Name, Visible and Enable statuses, Default value (optional), change settings as you wish.
5. (Optional) Place <CUSTOM_FIELDS_KEYWORDS_VALUES> into the <head></head> section, for example: <meta http-equiv="content-type" name="keywords" content="PhotoBlog,<SITE_TITLE>,<IMAGE_TITLE>,Pixelpost,<CUSTOM_FIELDS_KEYWORDS_VALUES>" /> You can exclude some custom fields from keywords-list by checking "Not a keyword" checkbox in the addon settings.
6. That's all. Go to the Admin area (New Image, Images) and use this addon.

1.3 (25 Aug 2008)
[ +] Autoreplace URL 'http://<URL>' at the custof field's values to HTML-code, for example, 'http://www.photoblog.xxx/large001.jpg'
will be replaced to '<a href="http://www.photoblog.xxx/large001.jpg">http://www.photoblog.com/large001.jpg</a>'
Note: you must fill CF value exactly URL without beginnig of trailing spaces or other characters.


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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Great addon. I used it to add a link to each image so that people can license the image from my stock library.

  2. Perfect 5
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Wonderful addon. Installation's a breeze and so is the setup. Just add some custom fields in the settings and you can use it on all images. Perfect!

  3. Perfect 5
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    This addon does exactly as it says, and does it well. The admin side is very well layed out and easy to use, the flexibility of the tags used to imput the fields into your site is also spot on, cant reccomend this enough for people who need more fields in their pixelpost.