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Developer Description

So what's the skinny on Defensio?

Defensio is a spam filtering web service that you can use to protect your blog or web application from comment spam. This addon is designed to give you the power of Defensio to your own blog! It requires at least Pixelpost 1.7 and will NOT work on lower versions.


  • Spam quarantine sorted by spaminess
  • Background color applied to spam comments to increase ease-of-identification
  • Very obvious spam can be hidden from view
  • Performance statistics provided to show how Defensio is doing on your blog

Installation & Configuration

  1. Extract the zip file and copy the _defensio folder to the addon folder of your Pixelpost installation
  2. Login into your administration panel and head on over to the addon view. you should see both the front as the admin addon in the list. Make sure both addons are activated (they are by default). If you used the Akismet addon provided with Pixelpost, please disable it as Defensio is not designed to work in conjunction with another spam filter.
  3. Obtain an API key for Defensio and head on over to the Options/Spam Control page. Copy/paste your Defensio API key in the field and click Update. You should be notified if your key is valid or not.
  4. You may also set the threshold level for "obvious spam" (this can be hidden from your quarantine, at your option). We recommend you leave this "obvious spam" level at its default value (80%) until you get a feel for what a better value might be for your own purposes.
  5. Pixelpost is now protected by Defensio's enhanced spam filtering web service. From now on, all comments posted to your blog will be analyzed by Defensio and attributed a "spaminess" value that will help you sort and manage your spambox.

You can also find the latest version on the Pixelpost download page over at Defensio. Make sure you read the Installation instructions on that page as well.

  • 22-11-2007: 1.1.0 version available
  • 14-12-2007: 1.2.0 version available
  • 06-01-2008: 1.2.1 version available
  • 16-01-2008: 1.2.2 version available
  • 17-01-2008: 1.3 version available
  • 16-02-2008: 1.3.1 version available
  • 16-03-2008: 1.3.2 version available
  • 25-06-2008: 1.4.0 version available

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    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Great concept, too bad it didn't work with the "Reply to comments"-addon. Until then I'm just gonna have to live without Defensio and sift through spam-comments manually.