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Extra Exif Info v1.1

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Developer Description


Adds extra EXIF tags that you can use in your templates. Just unzip and copy extra_exif.php to your addons directory, then add the new tags to your template.

Please note that not all tags are available for all cameras. The extra tags are

These tags give you the following information:

Orientation - For cameras that support, horizontal or vertical Max Aperature - Of the lens you are using Exposure Program - Stuff like manual, aperature priority, etc Brightness value - The EV as indicated by the meter Exposure Bias - Number of stops +/- that you set Metering Mode - spot, honeycomb, stuff like that Equiv focal length - Very few cameras support, minolta does. This is the 35mm equiv focal length. For example, because of the digital sensor size, 100mm on my lens on my digital SLR is the same as 150mm on a film SLR. Nice for those of us that still think in film terms Color Space - The RGB color space of the photo Capture Date Formated - Formats the capture date in the format specified in the admin options. Compatible ISO - Gives the ISO for more cameras including the Nikon D70

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