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Fancy Archives v1.3

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Developer Description

DESCRIPTION: This is an archive styled on Chromasia. Images can be filtered by Category, Date and limited to All, 50, 40, 30, 20 or 10 images displayed. This archive includes a host of filters and paging.

This addon uses the following custom tags: - Category filter - displays all categories and the number of images for each. - Month/Year Filter. (June 2005 - 30) June 2005 has 30 images - Filter to limit the number of images displayed. - Displays the pictures based upon the selected filters. - Displays the fancy archive navigation / paging tags. - This tag needs to replace the tag in your image_template.html page. It ensures your category links point to the new fancy archive page.

The following variables can be modified within the addon script to change the display behavior: two_column_dispay: true = 2 column layout, false = single column layout

tbl_width: width of the table that displays results (in pixels)

default_limit: By default, show X images per page - MUST be (10,20,30,40 or 50) NOTE: the large the number, the longer the load time per page.

nav_tag: Style of the Navigation Tags: 1 = [Next] [Prev], 2 = (Next) (Prev), 3 = Next | Previous, anything else = Next Prev pic_col_width: Width of Thumbnail column as percent of total table width

cell_spacing: Cell Spacing in the Display Table

cell_padding: Cell Padding in the Display Table

display_exif: true = display exif data, false means don't. [NEW in v1.2]

$tbl_css_id: A class name from your style sheet - will apply to all matching images [NEW in v1.3]

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