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Flickr Image Upload by Email v1.0

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Developer Description

I spend some time to write a admin addon to make it easy to send the pictures of my pixelpost blog to my flickr account. The reason for that is simple, more exposure. I created a script that does the following:

->Check if the mysql tables for this scripts are set ->If there are no tables the script will create it ->A form will be shown to add your flickr email address ->If everything is set a link will appear to post your images to flickr ->The next time you enter the addon it will only post the newly added pictures

Who is willing to test te addon? Can you provide me some feedback about the working of the script and so on? Thanks! Eljee

download it here: http://blog.eljee.nl/admin_flickrpost.php.zip

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 12 Years Ago Report as Spam

    Works very well, this tool is exactly what I was looking for. Just copy the php file in your addons folder, and you'll find the tool in your admin page. Be carefull to correctly enter the email provided by flickr otherwise it will not upload your picture to flickr but still consider it has been done. (in that case you'll have to manually delete the entries from flickr table in your db.) Speaking about my own experience :)