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GeoS Galleries ADDON v58

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Developer Description

This addon gives you option to show link on the image page to the related gallery (if you have such). You can open link in the same window or in the new one. It gives you one new tag:

<PGA_GALLERY_LINK> - it produce full link to gallery (<a href='link_to_gall' title='Gall title'>) in optional new window or an empty link (<a title=''>) if there is no gallery definition for image

Live demo: http://blog.piotrgalas.com/photo/635/

In all my "fresh" addons there is always Paypal button thanks to which you can donate process of creating next releases of it. The amount of money doesnt matter - the most important for me is to see its worth to sleep less, to read about new technologies, to search new solutions and think about new ideas.

History 58: * added checking if there are data to store

History 54: * fixed some linking namespace within addon page

History 51: * initial revision

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