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Developer Description

In all my "fresh" addons there is always Paypal button thanks to which you can donate process of creating next releases of it. The amount of money doesnt matter - the most important for me is to see its worth to sleep less, to read about new technologies, to search new solutions and think about new ideas.

People ask where they can see it online. Right now I dont know any place where current version is running BUT very similar to this release you can see at Vernon Trents site. The only difference is that its one month old and released in unofficial way, especially for him. Take a look: http://www.xoverip.info/pb/

Version History

  • Version 58:

    • Fixed one condition from which depends proper work of some tags (thx KArin)
  • Version 57:

    • Fixed alternative language support (thx KArin)
  • Version 55:

    • New tag - <SC_CATEGORY_LINKS_AS_LIST_PAGED> - gives the list with links to categories redirecting to the newest image in selected cat. It shows also the number of images in bracket. (thx to Vernon Trent for inspiration)
    • Now there is no need to set any configuration inside addon code - all data are stored in DB.
    • Added support of bilingual category names - based on Pixelpost 1.6 (thx goes to luxtom)
    • Added tags for filename of next and previous thumbnail - <SC_IMAGE_PREVIOUS_THUMB_NAME> and <SC_IMAGE_NEXT_THUMB_NAME> (this time thx also goes to luxtom)
  • Version 46:

  • Version 31:

    • fixed buggy redirection to the first image (now it doesnt redirect to images from future set)
    • fixed another bug with for first IF statement
    • small code optimization
  • Version 30:

    • fixed bug with link to "next" subpage in browse template (thx to budgie)
  • Version 28:

    • finally finished full multicategory show support (now it also works where user is going from browse template to image template)
    • now archive has got sample template using all features of addon
    • fixed bug with images not ordered descending by date in one of cases in browse mode
  • Version 25:

    • fixed bug of not showing thumbnails in browse_template (thx to ullmannn)
    • fixed bug of incorrect version numbering
  • Version 24:

    • at first here it is - new method of version numbering as I'm currently using SVN in my development process
    • all who use this addon also in archives now they can use paging support - there is 1 new tag <SC_THUMBNAILS_NAV> which gives page navigation through thumbnails in browse_template
    • now inside selectable list with categories active one is marked
    • all unique elements visible in HTML code have own ID or class (if there is more same elements)
    • as some of users were saying about problems with chr(10) at ends of lines now there isn't such solutions
    • as archive now supports links with multiple categories next point on TODO list is to add such support in image preview mode (currenly there is no way to go from archive and watch just selected categories straight from it; there is such option only at start watching images from image preview navigation)
  • Version 1.6:

    • 2 new tags <SC_THUMB_ROW> and <SC_THUMB_ROW_REV> which gives option to put row of thumbnails with same category as current; there is additional configuration variable $sc_th_row for enable/disable this future
  • Version 1.5.1:

    • fix SQL query for categories dropdown list which now does not give option to go to image which is not public available (thx RobbieMc)
  • Version 1.5:

    • now there are comments to code
    • now previous & next title when are empty are set with proper text for it - No Previous Image & No Next Image (thx to RobbieMc)
    • code for showing first image in category (when URL has got only category variable in query string) is optimized - instead of additional SQL querys and code for additional tags there is redirect to show image in "standard" way; this makes enable EXIF and whole rest of futures which were available before installing this addon and before case which we are talking in this point
    • starting from this version there is archive to previous version for people who wants to get older versions (from many reasons) - this will be a standard for all my new developed addons
  • Version 1.4:

    • Added new tags for description of current image: <SC_IMAGE_NAME>, <SC_IMAGE_TITLE>, <SC_IMAGE_ID>, <SC_IMAGE_DATETIME>, <SC_IMAGE_DATETIME_FORMATTED>, <SC_IMAGE_NOTES>, <SC_IMAGE_NOTES_CLEAN>, , , , ,
    • Added new tag <SC_IMAGE_CATEGORY> for category list to which belongs current image
    • Added new tag <SC_THUMBNAILS> for browser template usage with all futures available in my addon; there is additional configuration variable $sc_browse_cat for enable/disable this future (thx for inspiaration to RobbieMc)
    • Now tag <SC_CAT_NAME> is set to "every category" when we are not watching one of available categories (thx to RobbieMc)
  • Version 1.3:

    • Added new tags <SC_IMAGE_PREVIOUS_DATETIME_FORM> and <SC_IMAGE_NEXT_DATETIME_FORM> for formated date of previous and next image
    • Added new tag <SC_BROWSE_CATEGORY> which gives form with selectable category (thx for inspiaration to RobbieMc)
    • Added configuration variables inside script which tell if code for form with selectable category should be executed (for this who dont use this form it will speed up addon) and if you want to get current image ID under sc_image_next_id or sc_image_previous_id when you are watching image at one of ends (once more time thx to RobbieMc)
  • Version 1.2:

    • Added new tag for category ID <SC_CAT_ID> (thx RobbieMc).
    • Bugfix of next links problem (thx jdleung)
  • Version 1.1:

    • First public version

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    This is a first rate addon. Makes it possible to use Pixelpost for my photo club's web site. Many thanks. Inga

  2. Good 4
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    It works great. However, I would appreciate if it would work with browsing by TAGS as well.

  3. Perfect 5
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    A perfect addon, exactly what I needed for my site. Nevertheless there is a mistake with it : the thumbnail of the current photo is not the check and I don't understand why. Any idea ? my site : http://ronanjoncour.free.fr/blogs

    Ok, it doesn't work correctly with "Random Thumbs" addons. Now this one is off and GeoS Show Category is ok