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Image Rating v1.2

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Developer Description

Gives each of your photos a 5 star rating. Users just have to click on a star to rate your photo. It only allows one rating per person per picture. Hovering over any of the stars will give the current rating for that photo.

See http://www.shiftedexposure.com for an example. Sorry, I didn't capture the cursor in my screenshot. This addon has been tested in Pixelpost 1.4 and works fine.

Changes in 1.1 - Changed rating to 'Unrated' from '-' for unrated photos - When you mouse over a star, all stars to the left change to the mouseover state to indicate what you will be voting. - Removed the need to modify the tag and the need for the javascript file. - Added circular stars as an option. PSD is included if you want to modify it.

Changes in 1.2 - Fixed HTML to make it compliant - Added the overlib library for better mouse-overs. For more information on the overlib library, go to http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib/ - You can now vote more than once for a photo, but now only your last vote counts. - Improved the stars images and included the PSD file so that you can change the background colour.

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