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Import From Movable Types (mt) To Pixelpost v1.0

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Developer Description

An addon for importing photos from Movable Types.

Version 1.0 @ 2005-12-12 Version 0.3 @ 2005-07-18 Originally written by: Ramin Mehran Contact: raminia@yahoo.com Version 1.0: Bug fixed by: Wilson Lam Also Modified to be compatible with earlier versions MT: 2.661 Contact: wilson@photokit.net Visit: http://www.photokit.net Requirements: PIXELPOST VERSION 1.4 or Pixelpost 1.3 with multi category modification. PHP 4.0.3+ MT 2.66* OR MT 3.x * This is basically for MT 2.66 but it should work for MT 2.x

Features: - You can specify MT post id range to import to Pixelpost. - Avoids overwrites when asked. - Copies files to Pixelpost directory or moves them on user request. - Sets Title and body content automatically. - Supports multiple images in a single post of MT and converts it into seperate posts on PP. - Creates thumbnails automatically. What is not supported - support Different datetime for images in a single post of WP when they are converted into seperated PP posts. - Different users of MT is ignored. PP 1.4.1 supports only one user. Instructions: 1- Copy htmlparser.inc into includes folder of PP. 2- Copy import_from_wordpress.php into the addons folder of PP. 3- Open addon page in pixelpost admin pane and go to the section that this addon owns. it's a clear form that you should fill it with your wp-cofig.php info of wordpress. 4- Pixelpost 1.4.1 users only: To add the UTF-8 support fix a bug in includes/functions.php. Open the file and commentout line 105 to //$str = UTF8_encode($str); and line line 115 to //$str = UTF8_decode($str);. This is fixed in next versions. 5- It's highly recommended to import post in small group not all at once since the script would face timeout error in a long execution. Known bugs of previous version (0.3) and fixed in 1.0: 1- Does not import all photos in one go! Only imports in groups of 50s. (for example: 1 to 50, 51 to 100 etc..) 2- This template assumes that <img src= .. > tag is in the "entry field" and your image text might be in the "extended entry" field. 3- Duplicated comments!  

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