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An addon for importing photos from wordpress. Version 1.0 @ 2005-12-12 Version 0.3 @ 2005-07-18 Requirements: PIXELPOST VERSION 1.4 or Pixelpost 1.3 with multi category modification. PHP 4.0.3+ Wordpress 1.5 * * This is basically for wordpress 1.5 but it should work for wordpress 1.2 and higher as well as pictorialis! Features: - You can specify WP post id range to import to Pixelpost. - Avoids overwrites when asked. - Copies files to Pixelpost directory or moves them on user request. - Sets Title and body content automatically. - Supports multiple images in a single post of WP and converts it into seperate posts on PP. - Creates thumbnails automatically. What is not supported - support Different datetime for images in a single post of WP when they are converted into seperated PP posts. - Different users of WP is ignored. PP 1.4.1 supports only one user. Instructions: 1- Copy htmlparser.inc into includes folder of PP. 2- Copy import_from_wordpress.php into the addons folder of PP. 3- Open addon page in pixelpost admin pane and go to the section that this addon owns. it's a clear form that you should fill it with your wp-cofig.php info of wordpress. 4- if you want to replace Pixelpost in the same path of Wordpress (or pictorialis) copy the contents of Pixelpost to the same folder and for the image path you can assign relative path of the images in the wordpress to. for example if the images are inside the wordpress wp-content/images/ you can set the path to wp images as ../wp-content/images/ 5- Pixelpost 1.4.1 users only: To add the UTF-8 support fix a bug in includes/functions.php. Open the file and commentout line 105 to //$str = UTF8_encode($str); and line line 115 to //$str = UTF8_decode($str);. This is fixed in next versions.  

Bug fixes: Fixed the bug that was duplicating comments.

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