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JSON Output for Pixelpost v1.0

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Developer Description

An addon to create a JSON object from your Pixlepost photoblog. The JSON object will allow you to display your pixelpost photos outside of the pixelpost framework. Access the object using http://yourdomain/index.php?z=json

Additional Parameters:

  • number - number of images in JSON object.
  • category - category id to pull images from.
  • tag - tag to pull images from.

Example URLs:

  • http://yourdomain/index.php?z=json&number=10&category=4
  • http://yourdomain/index.php?z=json&number=20&tag=portrait


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    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    This is really sweet! JSON is a great, open format. This should open up the possibility for people to easily create JavaScript widgets and other nifty things.