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Latest Thumb On Other Pages Clean Html No Php v1.0

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MT or blogger.com (or similar) users should benefit from this. clean HTML code will show the latest thumb of your photoblog on other pages of the web!

I made this for those people who had problems with using the Wordpress plugin to show the latest addon or the modification I made before. Since some people do not have wordpress !! and some don't like php coding!!

However, this addon lacks in showing a tool-tip (a small popup text shows up when hovering over the thumbnail image) of the latest post title. (But it works perfectly!)
There are some tricky ways to do so but it needs some php coding that I wanted to put aside.
Any suggestion is appreciated.

For Wordpress users there is a more comprehensive plugin available which shows a number of the latest (or random) thumbs from Pixelpost in a Wordpress weblog. You can find this here: http://weblog.raminia.com/wp-hacks

1) copy the addon to addons folder of Pixelpost

2) Use this tag to show the latest thumbnail of Pixelpost photblog on other pages on the web!

you can make a link to it as
<a href='http://www.your_photoblog.com/' ><img src='http://www.your_photoblog.com/index.php?showthumb=latest&thumbtag=image' /> </a>

Don't forget to replace the http://www.your_photoblog.com/ with you photblog address!

TODO for future versions:
Showing title of the latest post as a tool tip on the image

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    Great little addon, but did it ever get updated?