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Developer Description

I made this script for displaying the thumbnail of the latest photo posted on the PixelPost on the other pages of the website. It is a php script and it requires PHP4 or higher to work (I think so!). I have PixelPost 1.3 and it works perfectly with it. I'm not sure about compatibility with earlier versions but it is a strong posiblity that it's compatible! NOTE: If you have wordpress 1.2 or higher you can use a neat wordpress-plugin instead of this modification. address: http://weblog.raminia.com/wp-hacks/

To use this addon, you should do the following steps. Wordpress 1.5 users follow the next series of steps instead.

>>>> Non wordpress 1.5 users: <<<

1) Download latest_pblog.php and open it in an editor. 2) Customize the pixelpost static and dynamic address as it is described in the latest_pblog.php file. 3) Upload the latest_pblog.php to the directory that your non-photoblog page exists. 4) In the php section of your non-photoblog page, add the code <code> require('./latest_pblog.php');

5) Finally, add this php code echo $image_thumbnail;

where you want the thumbnail apear. 6) You're done! :)

Wordpress 1.5 users:

I added this to my weblog at http://weblog.raminia.com which is powered by WordPress. follow these steps for using latest thumbnail of your photoblog for in your wordpress blog

1) put latest_pblog.php in your selected theme folder of wordpress 1.5 for example: E:Program FilesAbyss Web Serverhtdocswordpresswp-contentthemesdefault

2) edit latest_pblog.php. replace the relative address with full address of your photoblog on your sever (do not forget the tailing slash) for example for windows server Code: $PixelPost_relative_address = "E:/Program Files/Abyss Web Server/htdocs/pblog/";

or for linux server $PixelPost_relative_address = "/public_html/www/pblog/"; 3) use url of your photoblog in the static address $PixelPost_static_address = "http://www.raminia.com/pblog/";

4) if you going to put the latest thumb in the side bar of your blog open sidebar.php of your selected theme and then put the following line where you want the thumb appear.

/*>> UPDATED there was a misspelling here: << */ {?php $full_address_of_latest_pblog_php = 'E:Program FilesAbyss Web Serverhtdocswordpresswp-contentthemesdefault/latest_pblog.php'; require($full_address_of_latest_pblog_php); echo $image_thumbnail; ?}

(replace '{' and '}' with php starting and eding tags. See the readme file in the zip file) make sure that you type correct address of your latest_pblog.php

(wordpress 1.5 users: Surely by this modifications you can place latest_pblog.php where ever you want in your website. That's because you have change the relative address to full address and it does not depend on the placement of the file)

I tested on my local server with a fresh wordpress 1.5

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    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    This script worked like a charm for my WordPress blog at http://www.chrisandfenna.com You can see how I put in the thumbnail into my wife's blog so anyone who visits our family site can see that I now have my own artwork blog.

    Important to note though that he has an updated version of the script on his website. I couldn't get the script listed here to work on my recent wordpress. The new script works as a plugin into wordpress, and it was mostly painless to install.