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Linkage v0.3

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Developer Description

Displays the various linking options for users to link back to your images.


  1. Add linkage.php to your addon's folder and enable.
  2. Then simply add <LINKAGE> to your image_template.html file.


  • htmlcode = Yes/No
    • This will display code for a link to the image and a thumbnail.
  • imgcode = Yes/No
    • This will display code for use on forums, showing the thumbnail.
  • urlcode = Yes/No
    • This will display a link to the images home page.
  • directurl = Yes/No
    • This will display the url for the full sized image.


<LINKAGE htmlcode="yes" urlcode="yes">

The above template tag will display the HTML code for the image, and also display the url for the current images page.



Updated documentation to match changes made in v0.2


Removed underlines from options to solve various errors in PHP code.

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