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maxiMEE lite Fullscreen Viewer v0.31

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Developer Description


maxiMEE lite provides to Template-Tags, they do practically the same thing - opening the current photo in fullscreen:

  • <MAXIMEE_LITE_BUTTON> : displays a button. If you click the button, the image is opened Fullscreen
  • <MAXIMEE_LITE_IMAGE> : displays the image. If you click the image, the image is opened Fullscreen
  • <MAXIMEE_LITE_IMAGE_II> : displays the image. If you click the image, the image is opened Fullscreen
  • <MAXIMEE_LITE_COLOR_ALERT> : adds a link leading directly to the photo (without flash). I provide this link, because there can be problems using flash in a color calibrated system.

You can see the plugin at work on my photoblog: http://andreas-wehr.de/photos

Read the included readme.txt or visit the help-page http://maximee.de/help/maximee-lite/ (Hilfe auch in Deutsch)

Download here

have fun :)

version history


  • Added a link opening the photo without flash (for color-management using visitors)
  • changed the resizing algorithm. Should work now on every screen with every image-size.


  • Added Flash configuration utility!
  • Added optional Border for images in fullscreen mode
  • Added optional drop shadow in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed bug when scaling quadratic images an small screens


  • Added the alternate Image-Link if the Flash-player isn't installed on the visitors screen (forgotten in 0.21)


  • changed the way swfobject is used. Hopefully eliminates problems with IE7


  • optional navigation buttons
  • new close-button overlay in fullscreen mode (there is no ugly tooltip any more)
  • version checking inside the pixelpost admin panel
  • language-images (de.png,en.png etc) are placed inside the lang folder now!
  • visual effects added/modified


  • initial release of maxiMEE lite for pixelpost

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