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Midsized Cached Images v0.2

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Developer Description

The "Midsized Cached Images" addon provides you a new tag for your templates (MIDSIZE_IMAGE), which is a path to a resized version of your original image. Images are resized on-the-fly and cached in a special folder (there's no server load after the first resizing).

Typical usage is to allow browsing through screen-sized versions of your photos, and allow optional acces to the hi-res picture. See http://bleutonique.free.fr for a live example.

Tested with Pixelpost 1.5, and should also work with previous versions.

Version 0.2 adds a "Clear cache" button in the admin panel.

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 11 Years Ago Report as Spam

    This is a great addon! I was bothered that pixelpost didn't allow me to upload and display full resolution images, and this was exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for writing it!