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Month Calendar v1.3.4

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Developer Description

1.A month calendar modified from addon Calendar,and use its CSS style. 2.Used in browse page as date-category selection. 3.Highlights months on which images are posted,and shows the numbers of images when mouse hovers on the month. 4.Customize using numbers or the language-variables for months. 5.Compatible with addon Page_archive.

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1.3.4 changes: -faster search image on previous year and next year. -CSS fix: class='table-calendar' replace with id='table-calendar'. -fixed: month name are displayed in a mess in some languages.

1.3.3 changes: -now when you click the year-arrow,it will go to the last month which contains image(s). in the past version,it goes to current month of that year whether there is image or not. -in vertical style,replace the arrows with the other two that more compatible,but more botchy. :-(

1.3.1 changes: -fix: if images posted with a datetime after the current datetime,the addon displays images found in the month,but thumbnails cannot be displayed when click on the month.

1.3 changes: -add vertical style. -add a new tag to show info when no image in the year. -compatible with addon Page_archive.

1.2 changes: -bugfixed: the year go back to cuurent year when click on the month has image(s) in other years. -displays the current month of the year when click the year arrow.in the past version, it displays all the images. -cutomize displaying "no image found in the year".

1.1 changes: -bug fixed:displays no image found after click the arrow of year. -customize using numbers or language-files for months. -customize the width of calendar.

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