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Multiphoto v1.5

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Developer Description

This addon allows the display of multiple images (10 at a time) instead of single images.


  1. Put the _multiphoto directory in your addons folder and turn on the addon in your Pixelpost admin panel.

  2. Create a new html template file - you can name it whatever you want, such as multiphoto_template.html.

  3. Put the tag <MULTIPHOTO> on this new template file.


If you want to change the layout that this addon displays, you can edit the multiphoto_template.html file that is in addons/_multiphoto/multiphoto/multiphoto_template.html.

The supported tags in this file are <IMAGE_ID>, <IMAGE_NAME>, <IMAGE_DATE>, <IMAGE_NOTES>, <COMMENTS>, <IMAGE_WIDTH>, <IMAGE_HEIGHT>.

Use the [http://www.schonhose.nl/pixelpost-addons/entrypage/](Entrypage addon) to make this the default page for your site.


  1. http://blog.kevincrafts.com/index.php?x=multiphoto
  2. http://pixelpost.kevincrafts.com/?newtemplate=supaclean&x=archive - this shows a different layout as explained in the customization instructions above.

Future Development:

This purpose of this addon is to provide another way to chronologically display your photos. There are no plans to add sorting (by tag or category) options or to add additional photo info (exif data, tags, categories). It is similar to Flickr that shows multiple photos and you must click on the photo to get additional info.

Development History

1.0 - initial release 1.5 - changed addon file structure, added tags for image height and width

Older Versions

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    Would be great if it had the functions and . Otherwise, a nice little addon.