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No Spam in Comments v1

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Developer Description

This addon gives you possibility to fight with comment spam.

In all my "fresh" addons there is always Paypal button thanks to which you can donate process of creating next releases of it. The amount of money doesnt matter - the most important for me is to see its worth to sleep less, to read about new technologies, to search new solutions and think about new ideas.

In your image_template.html template file find something more or less like <form method='post' action='index.php?x=save_comment' name='commentform' accept-charset='UTF-8'> tag and replace it with <NSC_FORM_TAG> (which is used for this addon).
Next step is to put <NSC_FORM_KEY_INPUT_TAG> after previous <NSC_FORM_TAG> and before </form> tags.

Available tags:
<NSC_FORM_KEY_INPUT_TAG> - input tag with security key to put in form
<NSC_FORM_KEY> - just security key
<NSC_FORM_TAG> - complete <form> tag which is used for this addon

Author: Piotr 'GeoS' Galas

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