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Page Background Color v1.5

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Developer Description

This addon adds the feature to set background and border colors for every individual image. It has the color palette page to choose color.
This addon requires Pixelpost version 1.5RC or higher (it might work with 1.5BETA as well)

Addon Version

1 - copy files to proper folders...
2- browse to addons page for initialization of the addon. without this, it won't work. just open the addons page on admin panel of your photoblog and all is done.
3- use simple_bgclr template
4- this addon addes two new tags <IMAGE_BACKGROUND_COLOR> and <IMAGE_BORDER_COLOR> . you can use these in your template
5- upload a new image and try it.

Changes from 1.0 to Version 1.5
- now Thanks to Joe[y] it works also in the edit page.
- now you can set default background and border colors in the admin panel >> addons page.
- uploaded to pixelpost.org for downloading

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