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Pixelpost [Flash] Gallery v0.3β

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Developer Description

Pixelpost [Flash] Gallery

This addon shows all your pics in a flash image gallery. Fullscreen, MP3 & Logo Support.


  • Configure Addon

    • Open the file "addons/pp_gallery_config.php" in any texteditor and look out for the configuration part.
    • Configure the variables to your needs and save the file.
  • Copy Files

    • Copy the file as extracted to your pixelpost root directory
    • The structure should look like this addons pp_gallery_config.php pp_gallery_files.php

      swfobject.js pp_gallery.swf gallery.php

    • Note: you can rename the file gallery.php to any name you like (the extension MUST be .php).

  • Run the Gallery

    • Open the gallery in your browser, by calling the gallery.php file (or whatever you've renamed it). http://your_pixelpost_domain.com/gallery.php

Please read the install.txt for more details!




22.09.2008 - Inital Release 23.12.2008 - fixed a bug, that the pixelpost addon menu was not showing

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  1. Perfect 5
    Unknown 10 Years Ago Report as Spam

    works great :)

    Would be nice to beable to change the flash files colours so its not white, as I prefer DARK themes. But all in all a very nice addon!